My World cup 2010 predictions

In continuing my tradition in putting meaningless blogs that only two people read, here are my predictions for the 2010 world cup:

Group A: 1 place France, 2nd place Mexico
Group B: 1 place Argentina, 2nd place Korea, Nigeria Upset knocked out
Group C: 1st place USA, 2nd place England
Group D: 1st place Germany, 2nd Place Ghana
Group E: 1st Place Cameroon, 2nd Place Holland
Group F: First Place Italy, 2nd Place Slovakia, Paraguay upset knocked out
Gruop G: 1st Place Brazil, 2nd Place, Portugal
Group H: 1st place, Spain, 2nd Place Switzerland.  Chile upset knocked out.
Round 16:
France vs Korea, France Wins
USA vs Ghana, Ghana Wins on penalties, upset

Cameroon vs Slovakia. Slovakia wins
Brazil vs Switzerland, Brazil wins on penalties
Argentina vs Mexico.  Argentina
Germany vs England.   Germany

Italy vs Holland.  Holland
Spain Portugal.   Spain

Round 8
France vs Ghana.   France
Slovkia vs Brazil   Brazil

Argentina vs Germany.   Argentina
Holland vs Spain.   Holland
Round 4
France vs Brazil.   Brazil

Argentina vs Holland.  Argentina

Brazil vs Argentina.   Argentina

3rd place

France  vs Holland.  Holland

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  1. cospina says:

    Estas loco. España is going to win it all! Trust me. B/W them and Argentina. Me compre un nuevo laptop por 349. Commpaq Widescreen en BestBuy

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